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Launching your brand new or redesigned website is an exciting moment that brings a lot of expectations. This is your dream come true and you can’t wait to go live with it and see the reaction of your customers, friends, and families but never be too much in a rush and try to know the web designer’s work flow.

Don’t fall in the trap.

You should be very careful not to fall into the problem most of the people fall. This is a problem that we see time and time again. We call it the perfectionist approach. And that is micromanaging every little pixel of the site. The problem with this is that instead of focusing on launching and getting all the feedback you can get, you instead, will get very frustrated by trying to hunt down every little foul you can find.

Many people tend to fall into this problem and, while it is not a big issue for the developers or designers of the site to make any changes and adjustments a client may need, in the long run, it can reflect on how you see your site and how you’ll approach it in the future.

So just don’t worry too much. It is better to launch the site and plan to have time to get feedbacks from your friends and family than waiting for everything to be perfect just to get bad feedback from the latest changes you made.

Social media.

Social media is a critical part of any website, and it has become one of the best sources of traffic and business online.

Make sure all your social media pages are created and you have all the links for them. Don’t focus too much on quantity but quality; open only the social media pages you can handle and, as time passes by, you can add more as you need them.


Test the functionalities of your website and make sure it all work as well as expected.

Even though developers and designers have many tools for testing, there’s always something that could be in need of some adjustment. The last thing you want is to find issues after going live with your site. A new product can never have enough testing, and although this will normally be seen by the website developers and designers, it can never hurt to check yourself to see something useful and welcome.


Make sure you have enough content to add to your site in the coming weeks. By adding blog articles, products, reviews and help articles you’ll keep your site fresh, and there is nothing Google and other search engines like more than a fresh, relevant and well-worded site. This might cost little or even nothing from your pocket aside taking your time

Your content should be useful for your customers and you should talk about what you do and what you sell. Also helping on social media about those topics will bring more visitors to your site as Google and other search engines will look at you as an expert in those topics.

Relax and Enjoy.

Anyone would get excited when their business launches online. And it is very normal to have very high expectations. That being said, unless you have launched a massive marketing campaign leading to your online launch, you also need to know that it can take some time before you start seeing a significant traffic on your website and before anything else happens.

Just keep in mind that it will happen and make sure you are ready for when they come.

Have a plan.

Making an in-depth market research will give you a lot of information about your competition, as well as excellent ideas for your strategy.

Make sure you write those ideas down and prepare to execute them as soon as you get a chance.

That can easily be the greatest advantage you have over your competition and your ticket to success.


Be prepared and test as much as you can. After that just work on the site, give the best possible customer support and keep up with the industry.

As soon your competition sees your site and the new things you bring to the market with it they’ll try to catch up as quickly as possible, that’s why keeping yourself updated and on top of your game will is essential in your business.

If you have any comments or ideas that may help expand this article you can leave your comments below.