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Best SEO Company in Nigeria

When it comes to hiring the best SEO Company in Lagos, Web365 Nigeria is the number 1 company to go.

Established in 2017, Web365 Nigeria has ranked alot  of websites on the first page of Google and other search engines.

We have several SEO experts with combined years of experience

Our seo team in lagos is currently lead by Daniel Umekwe, one of the foremost SEO expert in Lagos.

Ranking your website on Google will give you the chance of reaching a wider and targeted audience. This will, in turn, increase your website visitors and make you more profit.

Best SEO Company in Nigeria

As the Best SEO Company in Lagos, we will improve your ranking by doing

  • Keyword Research: Find all the keywords that will bring lots of targeted and free customers to your website or blog. We have several tools that will be used in finding the number of times a word is being searched for on Google. With these keyword tools, we will find lots of keywords with high search volume for your website.
  • On-Page; The staff in our SEO Company in Lagos will then go ahead to optimize your website for those keywords. We will go through your content and then ensure that they can be ranked on google for those keywords.
  • Off- Page
  • Local SEO
  • Google penalty removal

SEO Company In Lagos and Digital Marketing Solutions

At Web365 Nigeria every one of our team is an SEO expert who really understands how search engine optimization works.  (We are not only web designers or graphic designers who offer search engine optimization ‘on the side’.) 

As an experienced and professional SEO company, we work with you to create website copy containing the most effective key phrases your customers are searching for. That’s the website optimization part.

Then, we offer a range of services to make sure your website is consistently at the top of the search engine results.

SEO Services – Keyword Research

SEO keyword research is at the heart of what we do – as we’ve said before, unless your website features a range of well-chosen keywords that real customers are using today, search engines just won’t find it.

Unlike many an internet marketing consultant in Nigeria, your personal SEO expert in Lagos from Web365 Nigeria will work with you to identify the keywords you already know about, and then extensively research other keywords that will bring you more website traffic.

As your trusted SEO agency in Lagos, we can also keep that keyword list updated, as fashions change and new phrases replace old ones.


SEO Services – Copywriting

Once you have your list of keywords, we turn them into interesting informative text for your web pages, just like this page.

You may have noticed some of our keywords popping up in this text – SEO expert, search engine optimization, SEO company, internet marketing – so both you and the search engines know what services we offer.

We will also create your meta tags, snippets of text ‘hidden’ in the coding of your website that search engines and directories love to read, yet most customers never see.


SEO Services – Link Building

Link building (or links building) is an essential part of making your website search engine optimization a success.

At Web365 Nigeria, our team of link building experts search for the best quality websites to place your links on (not nasty link farms or dodgy directories).

Our pure whitehat link building service offers text links that include your SEO keyphrases, not just bland web addresses, for maximum search engine impact and website traffic.

Most SEO companies in Lagos offer link building, but very few do it as carefully and as thoughtfully as the Nigeria SEO consultants at Web365 Nigeria !

SEO Services – Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing (sometimes called search marketing) is not just about pay per click advertising. The secret of successful web marketing is to know what advertising is worth paying for, and what is a complete waste of money.

Every SEO expert at Web365 Nigeria wants to help your business to get the most from your internet marketing budget, so they create your own portfolio of advertising to suit your business, including Pay Per Click advertising on Google and other major search engines.

So, if you want an internet marketing company you can trust to do the job right for a fair price, just fill in the Web365 Nigeria Contact Form, and we’ll get back to you very shortly.

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SEO Services – SEO Consulting

If you’re looking for a little more from your SEO firm than just affordable SEO, do contact us for our bespoke website SEO consultancy, offering a complete overview of your website and online presence.

Our SEO consultants in Lagos can help with website traffic analysis, Google optimization review, website marketing implementation, website ranking issues, and much more. Fill in our Contact Form, and we’ll contact you very soon.


SEO Ranking Management

Upon getting you to the first page of Google, our team of SEO experts in our Lagos office will keep a keen eye on your site to ensure that you are not outranked by any of your competitors.

We have a reliable and competent accredited Search Engine Optimization strategists who are versed with web technologies to meet the needs of businesses towards achieving specific goals.

With our years of experience in search engine optimization, we have built a specialized approach to rank improvement.

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