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Are You An Actor, A Film Director/Producer, Content Creator/Curator, A Social Media Influencer/Marketer Or Are You Aspiring To Be One Of The Aforementioned?

Do You Have Unanswered Questions About The Entertainment Industry Or You Have Challenges With Making The Most Of What Is At Your Disposal And Wish You Had A Clearer Picture Of What The Entertainment Industry Really Looks Like?

Do You Want To Know More About The Industry And How To Build Your Own Stage?

Do You Feel You’re Not Doing It The Way It Should Be Done As A Professional To Boost Your Credibility And Audience Reach?

Come The 13th of November 2021, By 10:00AM At Royal Arts Academy Surulere, Lagos, You Stand A Chance To Network With And Learn From The Top And Firing Professionals Who Will Be Our Guest Facilitators And Speakers Including

And Special Guest Appearance By The Icon Herself;

Be The First To Register To Attend This Career Defining Seminar As You Will Be Exposed To;



How To Register:


-New And Innovative Industry And Production Hacks
-Key Content Marketing And Distribution Networks,
And Also Have A Close-Up Connect With Industry Top and Key Influencers.

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